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Alliant Energy Customer Service Mechanic - Journey or Apprentice in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

5458BRJob Responsibilities:

  • This classification is not required to work on energized lines of 600 volts or more and may work within minimum approach distances when not exposed to contact with conductor equipment or apparatus energized at or above 600 volts as outlined in the IPL Safety Rule Book.

  • Normally works alone when:

  • Answering customer service calls

  • Connecting and disconnecting (install and remove): Residential/small commercial gas meters, will not be required to maintain/install rotary meters, test, adjust, and replace gas regulators (residential/small commercial only), and self contained electric meters up to 200 amps

  • Running electric temporary and permanent overhead services

  • Running temporary and permanent underground services (whenever the job calls for Operations of trenchers or other earth moving equipment there shall be two (2) qualified competent personnel at the job site)

  • Fusing of single phase transformers and lines

  • Fusing of three phase banks and three phase spurs/laterals (with only one three phase bank tapped on it)

  • Install and repair street lights and security lights

  • Locates gas and electric secondary and primary lines where needed

  • Wrapping gas lines (cold wrap only)

  • Standby gas/electric lines where excavating is being performed

  • Working on two (2) pounds of gas pressure or less from the stopcock (shut off valve) valve) into the building for the purpose of changing out/rebuilding gas meters/regulators, minor pipe repair (residential/small commercial). And this only if City and County Ordinances/ Codes allow it.

  • Electric switching: Gang operated switches and use of switch stick to operate: disconnect blades, reclosers, and cutouts

  • Installing and removing hot line taps (with use of hot stick). Limit hot tap operations to: Remove/install ahead of visibly opened disconnects and single phase transformers (with primary connected wye) only when lines are de energized or grounded

  • No gas line splicing by heat fusion or any other method.

  • Responds to gas leak and CO calls.

  • Do leak surveys including the following: mains, services (residential), business leak survey, and public building survey

  • Lights pilots

  • Connecting of temporary or permanent secondary services in dead front underground transformers (no work at all in live front underground transformers or on blowing gas).

  • Repairing of faulty underground secondary cables.

  • May stand fire watch if qualified/trained.

  • Take and record patrol log checks (make initial checks only, will not make repairs) including: railroad crossing, river crossing, and gas main casings (vent checks for leaks)

  • Take and record border station odorant readings and levels.

  • Take monthly readings at town border stations and change pressure recording charts.

  • Set and remove pipeline markers.

  • Take and record cathodic readings on mains and services and make corrections on meter sets.

  • Take and record readings on pressure compensated meters.

  • Take and record readings and charts for dead-end pressure checks.

  • With the exception of above named switching, this classification requires no hot primary work. Will not be considered "second person" for electric primary work.

  • May only assist a Gas Mechanic in fusing plastic pipe (up to and including pressurized gas), however, CSM will not perform the actual fusion. Definition of assist -- To work as a helper.

  • May assist a journeyman line mechanic in: installation and removal of a single phase transformer (as long as they are not within reaching or falling distance of lines energized above 600 volts).

  • May assist a journeyman line mechanic or journeyman gas mechanic and/or crews in: operations, construction, and maintenance of distribution systems (performing work they are qualified to do in gas and/or electric fields according to this job description only).

  • Assist journeyman line mechanic or crews in isolation of single phase primary underground, refuse tested cable, and if necessary assist in repair of faulty underground after single phase primary system has been switched off and grounded by qualified personnel. May repair faulty secondary underground.

  • Switching in substations shall be limited to opening and closing circuit breakers, gang operated switches, or blade disconnects except that where the only device available to de energize the substation is a set of fuses, the fuses may be pulled with a switch stick when feasible. Re fusing or re energizing with fuses in substations at 34.5 kV and above is not a function of this classification.

  • All employees shall be trained in both gas and electric duties.

  • Operation of Equipment:

  • May operate digger derricks (line/boom trucks)

  • When the job requires operating a trencher, backhoe, or combination of pre mentioned, there shall be at least one other competent qualified employee on the job site. (Requires competent person training.)

  • These job duties are not an inclusive list of duties. These duties are intended to be a general job description for the major duties to be performed by this position.

Requisition ID:5458BRPosition Type:Regular Recruiting Location(s):Cedar Rapids, IA Schedule Type:Full-Time Posting Details:

Are you looking for a job that lets you work outdoors every workday? A position that delivers the basic necessity that enables almost everything we do...a job that you are proud of that adds value to the community you live in? Look no further!

Alliant Energy is looking for an apprentice or journey level Customer Service Mechanic to serve Cedar Rapids, IA and support neighboring rural communities including Marshalltown, Lisbon, Vinton, Anamosa, Conroy, and Oelwein. This position will provide emergency response and daily customer appointments on both the gas and electric side of the business within the Cedar Rapids Zone. This employee is typically the first responder during the day and is on the gas call out and stand by list at night. This position is required to support Customer Affordability, Customer Loyalty, and Customer Growth aspects of our Strategy. This position can be filled at the journey level or as an apprentice (where we will teach you the trade!).

Our crews are made up of experienced leads, journey level and apprentices, are supported by strong leadership and have a trusted commitment to safety and ethics. We have a dedicated safety team that supports our crews and each employee is provided training and development to succeed, empowering them to grow and advance. You will work with our team to do new construction, maintain existing facilities and respond to outages.

  • This vacancy may be filled at an apprentice or journey level.

  • This position is posted internal and external.

  • This position has a residency requirement of 35 minutes from headquarters

  • This position has emergency response requirements

  • All Alliant Energy employees must apply through the Company Intranet (The Compass) using Bid Form ECRM1234447 on or before Removal Date listed below to be considered for this vacancy.

  • Pursuant to Article X, Section 9(d), you must be prepared to accept the position or withdraw your bid at the time you are contacted.

Job Category:Line Maintenance/Technician Job Qualifications: This classification requires a CDL, and will be subject to drug and alcohol testing according to Federal and DOT regulations.

*Note: This job is covered by the Department of Transportation regulations on drug and alcohol testing (CFR 49, Parts 40 and 199), and is subject to drug testing according to said regulations.

Applications will be accepted until a qualified pool of candidates is received.

Our Values: It's not just what we do; it's how we do it.

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Alliant Energy is committed to providing an inclusive work environment for all and is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer where an applicant's qualifications are considered without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or any other basis prohibited by law. We are committed to the full inclusion of all qualified individuals. As part of this dedication, Alliant Energy works to ensure that persons with disabilities are provided reasonable accommodations.

All candidates selected for employment with Alliant Energy will be required to successfully complete a drug screen and background check.

Disclaimer: The above information on this description has been crafted to indicate the general nature and level of work performed by employees within this classification. It is not crafted to contain or be interpreted as a comprehensive inventory of all duties, responsibilities and qualifications required of employees assigned to this job. Posting Title:Customer Service Mechanic - Journey or Apprentice