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[Overview: [CL Tel is a fifth-generation family business that helps people lead fulfilled lives and impact the world for good. Our team is working together to achieve our goal of serving 10,000 Internet customers by 2033. We are local experts that deliver reliable Fiber Internet and other telecommunications services to Main Street, Iowa. We exist to enable our customers to do what they do best and to live their best lives.

You will love it here if you value:]{arial",sans-serif"=""}]{arial",sans-serif"=""}

  • Customer Empathy
  • Inherent Excellence
  • The Golden Rule

[At CL Tel, connecting people is more than providing top-notch telecom and Internet services. It's about building relationships, understanding our customers' needs, and positively impacting the community we serve.

We are seeking a full time Fiber Construction Technician to join our team to help us maintain our fiber optic facilities and to assist with expanding our network in North Iowa.

[As a full-time Fiber Construction Technician, you will be working with state-of-the-art utility installation equipment and employing the latest fiber optic construction techniques. We utilize directional drilling, cable plowing, and trenching in our fiber construction. We have our own splicing trailer and conduct most of our own fiber splicing. Our North Iowa network includes Clear Lake, Mason City, Ventura, and the surrounding rural areas. Your work will play a pivotal role in our expansion plans. This position requires attention to detail, work in the outdoors in all seasons, excellent communication skills, the ability to work within a small team, and the desire to deliver premium service to our customers.

If the following sound like things you understand, want, and have the capacity to do, youll enjoy coming to work every day:]{arial",sans-serif"=""}]{arial",sans-serif"=""}

  • Working outdoors
  • Splicing and maintaining fiber optics
  • Underground utility construction
  • Operating construction machinery
  • Building a reliable, resilient network

[We train our team to help them succeed and everyone contributes to our success. In your role, youll be accountable for the following metrics each week:]{arial",sans-serif"=""}

  • Utility Locate Completion
  • Vehicle and Equipment Readiness
  • Utility Map and Facility Record Update Completion
  • Material Usage

[If you want to serve others, learn, and work on an advanced network, youll be recognized and rewarded.

We are a company that runs on EOS, the Entrepreneurial Operating System. As a member of this team, you will have a leader who:]{arial",sans-serif"=""}

  • Gives clear directions.
  • Makes sure you have the necessary tools.
  • Acts with the greater good in mind