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Job Information

Genesis Health System Materials Handler-Internal in Davenport, Iowa

Position Title: Materials Handler-Internal

Department: Distribution

Purpose: Performs a variety of tasks including issuing supplies and equipment, maintaining computerized inventories, assisting in determining adequate stock levels, processing incoming supplies, stocking crash carts and critical trays/bins, cleaning duties. Provides the internal mechanism for transporting equipment and supplies within the GHS organizational facilities.

Report To: Supervisor, Logistics

Supervisory Responsibility: No Supervision: The job does not require the provision of guidance or supervision to others. There is no formal responsibility for directing others.

Materials Responsibility: Limited: Work requires limited responsibility for material resources. Examples of resources could include supplies, equipment, inventories, small budgets, and other similar material assets. The employee has a limited amount of control over these resources. The cost of errors is also limited in terms of damage, waste or financial loss. Problems associated with material resources are not complex. The volume of resources may vary, but the level of difficulty in dealing with these resources is uncomplicated.

Key Relationship: Co-workers/Health System Employees, General Public/Visitors/Volunteers, Vendors/Clients


Education: High school graduation or equivalent

Field Of Study: N/A

Special Training: N/A

Training Preferred: Experience in stock & distribution procedures


Experience: No experience required.

Interpersonal Skills: Interaction is with a variety of people. These may be fellow employees, customers, the public or others outside the organization. Communications are of limited difficulty. Interactions usually involve short, straightforward exchanges of information. The job requires a limited amount of interpersonal skills. Interactions are non-stressful encounters and dealing with uncomplicated problem situations.

Working Conditions: There is very limited exposure to adverse environmental conditions. Some undesirable or unpleasant environmental characteristics may occur but the physical environment is generally safe and there is minimal health risk. No safety equipment or unusual precautions are required. The amount of time the employee may experience these minor adverse conditions would be limited to 10% or less of the work day.

Possible Exposure to Blood Borne Pathogens: Yes