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Lauridsen Group Inc. Production Operations Trainer - Essentia - Harlan in Harlan, Iowa

Through committed service and sustainable proteins solutions, Essentia is dedicated to building a better business for our customers. We do this by holding true to our values: Teamwork, Respect, Agility, Creativity, and Knowledge.

Under the supervision of the plant superintendents and human resources, the purpose of this role is to train production workers at workstations and in the classroom, directing workflow and monitoring progress through to completion. This individual’s main responsibility is to ensure effective and optimized learning to either broth or functional processes, and that new hires meet all Essentia’s requirements for standards and performance.



High School Diploma required; 2-year degree preferred.


3 – 5 years of related experience, with a stable work history in operations, production, or manufacturing preferred.


  • Must demonstrate a motivated, dedicated, and professional work attitude consistent with Essentia Values.

  • Assists in developing new training or methods of training.

  • Strong collaboration skills and ability to work in a close team environment, with current and cross-functional departments.

  • Ability to provide constructive feedback and a continuous improvement training environment.

  • Demonstrated ability to advise, teach, and effectively train employees in all production processes related to either broth or functional processes.

  • Ability to adapt communication and training techniques and teach technical information effectively.

  • Possess critical thinking, reading and interpretation, and basic math skills.

  • High attention to detail, ability to carry out detailed written or verbal instructions, and resolve or troubleshoot variables in standardized situations.

  • Prioritize objectives, coordinate resources, document, and communicate results.

  • Modifies training as needed and documents changes.

  • Complete all necessary documents in a timely and accurate manner, providing feedback on continually improving the training process for new hires.

  • Reviews development of skills, ability, and knowledge.

  • Maintains accurate training records such as rosters, evaluations, and certifications of completion, as applicable.

  • Assist in driving the company’s safety philosophies and practices.


  • Works independently within established procedures associated with the specific job function.

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

  • Must be comfortable presenting training materials, and teaching hands-on techniques in the production environment.

  • Ability to read and understand SOPs related to quality, SSOPs related to production, and a high level of expertise in either broth or functional areas in which new hires will be trained.

  • Must have demonstrated knowledge and expertise of Lockout/Tagout procedures.

  • Must be or become a certified forklift trainer.

  • Must have knowledge and understanding of Job Hazard Analysis procedures.

  • Basic Computer skills.

  • General and specific knowledge of machinery and ability to assist in preparing equipment for operation and/or tear down production operations.

  • Accurately and completely abide by company good documentation procedures for recording required data and paperwork related to HACCP, GMPs, SSOPs, and SQF.

  • Sustained physical effort is required to move throughout work areas, climbing steps, ladders as required, and walking around equipment.

  • Must be able to distinguish if food safety violations or product quality issues occur and resolve immediately or, if unable to resolve immediately, contact appropriate plant management (i.e. the Production Supervisor and/or the QC Manager).

  • Must have no written corrective action in the last 12 months.

  • Must interview and prepare a presentation for this position.


Approximate: 8 -12-Hour Shift

Physical Demand Level: Medium

Frequency Key

Occasional: 1-33% of workday or 1-12 reps/hour

Frequent: 34-66% of workday or 13-62 reps/hour

Constant: +67% of workday or +63 reps/hour

Job Analysis:

Physical Demand Wt./Force Height Distance Frequency

Lifting, Waist to Floor 0-5 lbs. 0-50 in. NA Frequently

Lifting, Waist to Floor 6-50 lbs. 0-50 in. NA Occasionally

Lifting, Above Shoulder 0-50 lbs. 50-60 in. NA Occasionally

Carrying, Bilateral 0-5 lbs. Self-selected Up to 200 ft. Frequently

Carrying, Bilateral 6-50 lbs. Self-selected Up to 15 ft. Occasionally

Pushing/Pulling, Horizontal 0-50 lbs. of force 60 in.through Up to 200 ft. Occasionally

self-elected height Occasionally

Pushing/Pulling, Vertical 0-25 lbs. of force 6-60 in. Up to 48 in. Occasionally

Grasping Up to 55 lbs. of force NA NA Occasionally

Pinching (2-point/3-point/lateral) Up to 5/8/10 lbs. of force NA NA Occasionally

Reaching, Forward/Lateral NA 0-60 in. Up to 24 in. Frequently

Reaching, Above Shoulder NA 61-85 in. Up to 24 in. Occasionally

Sitting NA NA NA Occasionally

Standing NA NA NA Frequently

Walking NA NA Up to 200 ft. Frequently

Stair Climbing NA 8-12 ft. NA Frequently

Ladder/Equipment Climbing NA 10-13 ft. NA Occasionally

Squatting NA NA NA Occasionally

Bending NA NA NA Frequently

Stooping NA NA NA Occasionally

Twisting NA NA NA Occasionally

Physical Demand Summary: Maximum frequent waist to floor lift of 5 lbs.; Maximum occasional waist to floor lift of 50 lbs.; Maximum occasional above shoulder lift of 50 lbs.; Maximum frequent bilateral carry of 5 lbs.; Maximum occasional bilateral carry of 50 lbs.: Maximum occasional horizontal push/pull force of 50 lbs. of force; Maximum occasional vertical push/pull of 25 lbs. of force: Occasional grasping of 55 lbs. of force; Occasional 2-point/3-point/lateral pinching of 5/8/10 lbs. of force; Frequent forward/lateral reaching; Occasional above shoulder reaching; Occasional sitting; Frequent standing; Frequent walking; Frequent stair climbing; Occasional ladder/equipment climbing; Occasional squatting; Frequent bending; Occasional stooping; Occasional twisting.


Must be able to handle multiple tasks and learn equipment/machinery operation as required by job description. Will frequently use the following abilities: learning new equipment; calculating; analyzing numbers and situations; reading, speaking, and writing; comprehending complex information; problem-solving; and communication skills. Must be able to follow established procedures using common sense and logical thinking in accomplishing job duties. In addition, employees must be able to work independently, set priorities, and determine work assignments and work methods.


The working conditions for this job include but are not limited to:

  • Exposure to chemicals

  • Temperatures ranging from freezing to extreme heat

  • High noise levels

  • Tile and concrete floors

  • Machinery and Equipment

  • Extended work hours

  • Exposure to dust



High School Diploma required; 2-year degree preferred.


3 – 5 years of related experience, with stable work history in operations, production, or manufacturing preferred.

Note: This is not necessarily an exhaustive list of the job duties and requirements associated with this job but are intended to represent an accurate reflection of the current job.

LGI’s foundation began in 1916 as the Lauridsen Creamery, selling butter, eggs and poultry to the local community. Although our headquarters in Ankeny, Iowa, is not far from the old creamery in Dedham, Iowa, the company is now worldwide with more than fifty manufacturing and sales locations in twenty countries and sales in more than sixty countries.

Each company under the LGI umbrella is truly independent. They have the ability and the charge to be entrepreneurial, to seek out new markets, to develop new products and applications, and – above all - to discover new ways to add value through fractionation and novel application.

What’s more, because some LGI companies have offices and presence around the world, all LGI companies benefit from their exposure to new markets, new products, new applications and new thinking.