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Cedar Rapids Tank Wash, Inc. Registered Apprentice: Welder in Independence, Iowa

59 courses of paid study totaling 519 program hours over 3 years.OJL paid On the Job Learning with a skilled and experienced welderSuccessful completion of the program leads to a Certificate of Training from the U.S. Department of Labors, Office of Apprenticeship AdministratorStarting pay $14.00 with $2.00 raise each year until completion of the program at $20.00 per hr.Train on Miller Welding EquipmentStick Arc Welding(GMAW) Mig wire feed welding(GTAW) Tig welding with a variety of metals in-cluding mild steel, aluminum, and food grade stainless steelMinimum Requirements:Age: At least 18 years of age.Education: High school graduate or equivalentPhysical/Mental: Physically capable of perform-ing the essential functions of the occupation without endangering the health and safety of themselves and/or fellow workers.Other: Drug free and submit to random drug testingOther: Read, write and speak English.Other: Valid drivers license and ability to arrive/depart workTraining will start with online instruction moving at the apprentices pace approxi-mately 3 hours per week.Welding training will start with Miller Aug-mentedArcAugmentedArc is a virtual trainer that re-duces overall training time by using Real-time feedback on a users technique to help correct errors. Reinforce proper welding practices and accelerate skill advancement prior to actual live arc welding.Miller OpenBook Online training classes are also available to supplement online instruc-tion as needed.Training will continue alternating with the virtual trainer and live welding in a shop environment.