Typical duties involve tree trimming and/or tree removal by climbing with the aid of a ladder, safety belts, climbing line, powered trimmer lift truck or works from the ground using gasoline, air and hand-powered saws, pruners, etc. You will cut branched or trunk sections and drop or lower them to the ground with lines. In felling trees or trimming trunks and in cutting and splitting logs into manageable pieces, you will use axes, wedges, sledges, and chain saw(s). Spray stumps and brush with a hand-spraying equipment. Load and unload trucks with logs, stumps, brush and debris and/or feeds brush into a gasoline-powered chipper. Repair damage to lawns, fences and walks caused by tree trimming. Service gasoline, air and hand-powered tools and other equipment. Relays hand signals, directs traffic, drives and operates trucks and equipment as assigned and keeps trucks and work areas clear and orderly as well as helps train new employees. Performs other related work as assigned by supervisors. We may also have openings for skilled individuals such as Tree Trimmers and Forepersons. Please let us know at the time you are applying if you have prior tree trimming experience.