Sabre Industries, Inc. Long Seam Welder (Nights) in Sioux City, Iowa

Long Seam Welder (Nights)Sioux City, IA


  • Inspects end of poles for straightness and squareness of edge cuts. Trims and/or grinds as necessary, in order to leave ends suitable for shipment to customer, or for fit up base plates.

  • Uses power drills to drill and/or ream holes in pole sections as required by drawings.

  • Welds other products in his or her area using either GMAW process.

  • Assembles two piece developments.

  • Determines amperage and voltage settings, feed rate settings, required weld procedures, weld size and amount of penetration required.

  • Grinds and/or cleans seams to ensure the required penetration and necessary UT quality weld.

  • Performs daily, weekly, monthly operator preventive maintenance on seam weld machine.

  • Adjust amperage, voltage, speed rates, and machine pressures constantly throughout the welding process to compensate for variations from the cutting and bending operations and the material variations.

  • Other duties as assigned.


  • Previous welding experience desired.

  • Math aptitude, must have knowledge of basic shop mathematics, addition, subtraction, fractions, multiplication and decimals.

  • Proficiency in reading complex prints and specifications.

  • Must know how to properly use a weld gauge.

  • Proficient English communication skills to include speaking, understanding, reading and writing.

  • Must possess adequate dexterity and stamina to sustain expected production effectively.

  • Knowledge and awareness of the safety issues related to each operation performed within the department.

  • Ability to thrive in a deadline driven environment

  • Production floor environment may include fluctuations in temperature. Required PPE includes safety glasses, steel-toe boots and hearing protection worn at all times on the production floor in addition to other specific PPE that must be worn for specific tasks.

  • Abnormal level of noise due to grinding, chipping, hammering requires hearing protection (ear plugs) be worn at all times.

  • Must be able to stand 100% of scheduled shift.

  • Must be capable of bending, stooping, crawling under or over and frequent climbing (stairs).

  • Lifting, pushing, pulling, prying and dragging heavy materials up to 50 pounds.

Educational Requirements:

  • High school diploma or equivalent preferred.


  • Night Shift: Sunday - Thursday, 5:00pm - 3:45am, frequent 6-day work weeks, weekends and OT scheduled based on production need.