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BYRNES AND RUPKEY Automation Engineer in WATERLOO, Iowa

[[Job Title: Automation Engineer [[Location: Waterloo, Iowa [**[Salary: $90-107K

[**[Job Summary of the Manufacturing Engineer:[The Manufacturing Engineer is accountable for new process development for the production of existing products; design and fabrication of test fixtures; designs, develops, and/or purchases equipment to produce a quality and cost-effective product. This position is accountable for the design, redesign, layout, and engineering of tooling, equipment, and machinery; for monitoring the completion schedules of projects of product application or design; and for accurate cost estimates of product quotation requests. This position is responsible for troubleshooting of all machinery to produce a quality product in a cost-effective manner.

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  • Be the technical expert for assembly in areas such as material strength, manufacturing processes, OSHA standards, electrical/pneumatic controls, fluid power, tool/fixture design and construction.
  • Responsible for obtaining quote requests for capital expenditures during the justification process to purchase a piece of equipment.
  • Maintain a close relationship with vendors and suppliers who sell or install manufacturing equipment.
  • Responsible for writing and updating processes to ensure proper methods of manufacturing.
  • Assist with product design of new/existing manufacturing processes and methods.
  • Responsible for training assistance on operation and preventative maintenance of installed equipment.

[[Responsibilities of the Manufacturing Engineer:]{calibri=""}]{microsoft="" sans="" serif=""}

Be the technical expert for assembly processes including, but not limited to automatic assembly technology, PLC integration/programming, lean principles for reduction of waste, vision detection/programming, and value stream mapping.

Design and supervise the installation and building of production tools, fixtures, jigs, and workstations, to improve safety, efficiency, reliability, profit and ensure design and material specifications are met.

Manage projects and ensure they are kept within established budgets.