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BYRNES AND RUPKEY Automation Manager in WATERLOO, Iowa

[[Job Title: Automation Manager [[Location: Waterloo, Iowa [**[Salary: $95-120K plus bonus

[**[Job Summary of the Automation Manager[:The Automation Manager is responsible for for leading process improvement/automation efforts in Assembly and Manufacturing (production) areas. This position is responsible for managing process improvement projects to increase efficiencies throughout production cells.

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Responsible for obtaining quote requests for capital expenditures.

Responsible for creating and maintaining process documentation to ensure proper methods of manufacturing.

The Automation Manager must be a results-oriented change agent who is an effective business systems thinker (able to see the big picture) while managing risk and ambiguity on each project.

Will assist with product/process design with new/existing manufacturing processes and methods.

Responsible for training assistance on operations and preventative maintenance of installed equipment.

Ability to interact with individuals throughout the company, as well as individuals external to the company.

Must be computer proficient and must fully understand software applications necessary for the successful completion of their job functions.

Leads and manages production process improvement projects.

Stay current and up-to-date on all future technologies utilized.

Collaborate with Process Improvement Committee to select process improvement projects that align with strategic direction.

Responsible for programming different programmable controllers/machines used in the manufacturing processes. This includes but is not limited to PLCs, robots, CNC machines, inspection equipment, etc.

Determine the feasibility of production improvement projects to ensure return on investment by reducing labor and/or materials yet maintaining the ability to produce a quality product.

Maintains manufacturing-related documentation/information including but not limited to schematics, instructions, cell layouts, prints, etc.

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