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BYRNES AND RUPKEY Maintenance Manager in WATERLOO, Iowa

[[Job Title: Maintenance Manager [[Location: Newton, Iowa [[Salary: $90-115K [[Job Summary of the Maintenance Manager[: [As aMaintenance Manager you will be responsible forthe [day-to-day activities involving the maintenance of the building/facility, production equipment and machinery. This role will also assist with the HVAC, lighting systems, plant machinery and production lines, ground keeping, security, and overall facility appearance. You will supervise and coordinate the work of employees who repair and maintain the building/facility, and production equipment and machinery in the plant. This position plays a key role in ensuring that Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are implemented.[You will report directly to the Plant Manager. This role is 100% onsite.

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  • Prepares work schedules, assigns work and oversees the work product while minimizing overtime and call-in hours.
  • Develops and maintains a preventative maintenance program for applicable machinery and equipment, and the building and grounds within the confines of an annual budget, and tracks maintenance downtime.
  • Arranges for, coordinates, and manages appropriate third-party contractor support as needed.
  • Prepares Maintenance budget and secures estimates and cost quotes as needed.
  • Keeps up on technological changes relative to KPIs for SQDCI, and maintains up-to-date records for all local, state and federal mandates and inspections.
  • Enforces sound safety and housekeeping practices, which may include hazardous waste disposal programs.
  • Prepares and maintains maintenance reports for the Plant Manager and other appropriate managerial personnel.
  • Works with other plant managerial personnel to effectively maintain existing plant facilities and equipment, replaces, and/or makes recommendations and adjustments to plant facilities and equipment.
  • Provides training for new and existing employees as directed by the PM.
  • Assists in the selection of new hires, employee coaching and disciplinary issues.

[ [[Education and Experience of the Maintenance Manager:]{calibri",sans-serif"=""}]{microsoft="" sans="" serif",sans-serif"=""}]{microsoft="" sans="" serif",sans-serif"=""}

Associates or Bachelors degree in a related field or equivalent combination of education/trade schooling, certifications, and experience may be substituted for a college degree.

5-10 years experience in a manufacturing environment.

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