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Using efficient modes to locate raw materials to be used in custom designs and supervision and design of vendor management to stock tooling needs.

Essential Functions

  1. Consults and organize with other buyers in the Supply Chain to organize processes.
  2. Works based on Epicor PO Suggestions, project BOM, and shop requisitions.
  3. Planning with Designers, Engineers, Production Staff, Estimators, Quality Team, Project Managers, and Tool and Die designers from initial stages to completion on custom projects.
  4. Troubleshooting and last-minute searches for tool and die materials as needed.
  5. Ongoing learning of tools and processes to aid the needs in the buyer process.
  6. Ability to control cost and being aware of varying raw materials quality and specifications to consult with the use of the material or substitution of the material in design or engineered project models.
  7. Being aware of the availability of materials and designing a system to connect to vendors who have the supply needed.
  8. Monitoring and controlling the vendors that supply the tool and die vending machine accessible to workers with the ability to avoid a shortage and to provide what is needed in a systematic approach that is cost-effective.
  9. Creates purchase orders for needed supplies in various forms and responsible for file management.
  10. Ability to work with Microsoft Suites: Excel, Word, Outlook, Visio.
  11. Ability to work with purchasing software such as Visual, interpret diagrams of AutoCAD, and interpret blueprints to transfer planned model into raw materials needed.
  12. Understands and complies with requirements of the QMS, AS9100, and/or ISO 9000.
  13. Overtime as required.
  14. Travel on an as required basis.
  15. Additional duties as assigned.



  1. High School diploma or related experience


  1. Apprenticeship or Associate\'s degree or Tool and Die maker or Machining work experience
  2. Systems Evaluation- To work with various design models to determine if purchasing is needed or buyers are needed to procure materials to complete the tasks.
  3. Adaptability: Willing to change and grow with the needs of the production staff, administration, and end user\'s requests. Dedication to the process of teamwork
  4. Relationship Building with Vendors: Developing business-to-business ties to vendors to supply tool and die equipment as well as develop a supply chain for raw materials needed for production.
  5. Commitment to the Client or End User: Ability to review a design and recommend cost savings in materials used to aid the client as well as the company in production.
  6. Oral and Written Comprehension- Communicate design concepts to customers and internal members of the project. Cost-Based Decision Making without the sacrifice of quality in design models
  7. Time Management due to last-minute needs and the dedication to production efficiency.
  8. Pursuit of Learning: Observing and developing the knowledge of on-the-job experiences to aid in future outlooks and current project development. Complex Problem Solving- Review of information to evaluate and implement a solution
  9. Critical Thinking: Development of a model with forecast for problems and solutions to implement a new model.
  10. Technology: Work with Microsoft Suites: Excel, Word, Outlook; read blueprints; AutoCAD Designs; Purchasing software: Design programs

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